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Burger Dive Team

Discovery Dive

This program is perfect for people who are interested in finding out what it is like to breath underwater and experience the underwater world up to 12 meters deep .

No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you must be of at least 10 years old with reasonable health.

Discovery Shore Dive


*Equipment Included

Discovery Boat Dive


*Equipment Included

Dive Equipment Rental Price
Full Set 60
BCD 30
Regulator 30
Mask 10
Fins – Open Heel 10
Wetsuit 10
Booties 10
Life Jacket 10
Things to Bring

Comfortable clothing and shoes
Jacket (for the ferry ride – if you’re easily cold)
A pair of socks (to wear fins)
Umbrella / raincoat (in case of rain)
Water bottle (Water dispensers provided at Dive Centre and Homestay)

Warm Reminder

Do not litter.
Be safe while taking great photos.
Protect the environment and care for the ocean.
Do not touch the corals and marine life.
We also recommend wearing rash guard instead of sunblock or sunscreen (to reduce coral damage)
Beware of monkeys, do not feed them!
The reef rock by the sea is very slippery and the shell edges are very sharp. Never go barefoot or slippers.
Wear non-slip shoes, bring drinking water, and prepare a backpack to free your hands for jungle trekking.
Always remember, safety first.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.
– Jacques Cousteau

We provide Scuba Diving Course, Leisure Dive Package and Snorkeling Package

Our dive instructors are highly experienced professionals who are permanently based in Burger Dive Team. What this means for you is that they have a high level of safety awareness and are very familiar with the local Tioman underwater environment.